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August 22, 2007



Love the quote on those books, they look yummy!

Chris Meisenzahl

This is great, thanks for the heads-up!


Green Pilgrim

Does anyone know the spec's for the field books? How tall, how wide and how many pages?




Judging by the length of the pencil, the book appears to be about 7" wide (full spread) and maybe a little taller than that. A nice pocket-sized info stash. I too love the quote.


I'm not sure if we're supposed to be giving away too many technical details, but I can tell you that they are the perfect size to fit in your pants pocket. And there are 48 pages.


these look SO MUCH FUN!!


The pen looks like one of those very-cheap and no fun ballpoints... I'd suggest branded Parker Jotters. That would be super-sweet.


That pen in the photo is a piece-of-junk Bic Clic. Nice little notebooks like these deserve better. Can you tell me whether the paper is fountain-pen friendly?

James a voracious moleskine Cahier user / destroyer, this seem to be similar to the small ones...personally do not need / like the grid, nothing special there, 'skine has those, and prefer the larger size ones for sketching mayhem. Dig the typography too, again though, prefer here doin' that shite myself, cool quote though, will scam it maybe... Though trends have been begun on less...The "made in the USA" aspect is cool, may have to try some for that reason...and bic clic's are the best, anything else is just fodder for communist undertakings!!! hehehehehee


DUDE I'M SO TOTALLY THERE when these come out. Already subscribed to their "when things get serious" notification list.

I'm all about basic functional notebooks. There were similar products made/sold in Japan back in the early 90's when I was there. Just basic, brown paper covered notebooks well made with good paper.

These kind of remind me of that generic brand craze of the 80's -- remember the soup cans with a plain black and white label that said "TOMATO SOUP?"

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