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September 03, 2007


Tom Chandler

I ordered some of these a couple weeks ago; can't wait to see them in person.

Might even use these as a giveaway on my fly fishing site. I think my readers will love the look of the thigns...


I like Field Notes' design - grid paper, covers...but they're going to have to put more paper inside or come down on price on the current product if they want to win a wider following...


very true moleskines chier have 60 some pages, and are 3 for 7.95,


Not nearly as sturdy as a Cahier.

One could even construe a sad parallel here. Made in the USA means thin stock used for covers, stapled rather than stitched binding, fantastic visual design and a higher price. My dad used to say " A shiny turd is still a turd." A bit much for describing these, but appropo nonetheless.

With the look of these I had truly hoped they would take the place of my Cahiers. The idea is there, but the execution rates a B-...Passing, but still not all that is possible.

Can't say how much I love the idea as a whole (againg that graphic design by Draper et. al. is awesome!), but having held one, would not be willing to part with the 10 spot plus shipping for 'em...

Sara Cormeny

I know Draper and got several of these as Xmas freebies last year -- they're great, and if you take a lot of notes (as I do), then you fill them up fast! I love going over them later to see what I was up to. They also invite serious lust from anyone who sees me using them -- the graph-paper pages are the best part.

Way to go, guys!


Agree with most reviews about them being expensive and easy to fill up. You can read a detailed review here:

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