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March 28, 2008



Actually if you check their site, they have all these preprinted pages in 3 hole punch, 8½x11 AND 5½x5½ which i have been looking for for so long that i gave up.
I used to keep a halfsize binder in a zipperd 'bible/book' cover pounch, but i always had to print my own pages. It was a pain.

the half sized binder is difficult to find, even staples only carries ONE size, but it is ever so much more convenient than a school sized 3 hole. thanks for this.

Sophie Brown

I guess I only said something about what I would use personally. They also have some sort of a "system" of their own that sounds like some self-improvement chirpy thing combined with a GTD approach. You know how we are here--if that's not working for you you can certainly figure things out on your own. But I'm getting one. I'm sick of avoiding writing about housekeeping chores in my journal. And I had one of these before they got "dressed up" and it was PERFECT.


This is a wonderful tool. I photocopy blank month pages and Circa-punch them for my Agenda. Great help in thinking through just what needs to be done/take priority. Since pages are undated, you can use a single book for a LONG time!


It's blank, and appears to be a semi-standard notebook. Why not get a Mead blank notebook of a similar size? This one doesn't appear to have unique paper.. or does it? I'm sure some could find a use for this sort of thing, but I just don't get it. What am I missing?

Pete Huile

They are not blank - they have pre-printed pages (as jgodsey mentioned). The "blank" bit is the calendar. The calendar is without year, date etc. so you can use it any time you like. There are also different types of pre-printed pages to plan, organized etc. Their website have good images of the pages.

Sophie Brown

Yeah, it's not a standard notebook from a drugstore. They have pages for the month (which you date yourself) and organizational pages for the DAY and the WEEK, and more notebook paper. It's like--a really good planner, and not too expensive, and blank on all fronts, and not so much a spiral notebook at all. Though set up that way, which I guess probably keeps the price down instead of getting a daytimer which doesn't fit my needs in the first place.

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