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September 30, 2011



Will there be guest posters here?

Nice to have notebookism again.

Almost a year without a solitary post...

I hope it's not another year again. There used to be such a community with notebookism and moleskinerie, but those days have long gone. I guess everyone has moved on. But, it would be nice to get some momentum here back.

Halley | Personalized Stickers

Do you really have to pour everything out in your diary? Do you treat it as an outlet for everything that's happening to you, be it good or bad?


Have you used the new Blackwings? What do you think?


Why is so boring now? is all sponsored or featured artists or boring marketing crap. The artists they feature aren't very interesting (sorry). There's no critique, no community, no interaction, no replies, nothing unique. Featured artists are amusing once in a while, but lame when that's the only unique content. I don't care about design shows or design awards or asking some unknown author poll questions.

I know Moleskine Inc owns that blog now, but why did they take the "community" out of it entirely?

The Flickr and Google Groups seem equally silent and unused.

Where did the community go?

What happened to the excitement and interaction?


Well, there's Moleskinerie critique now! Ha. I actually like their efforts to make a contest/logo and try to get some interest and community back. But, they're doing it the wrong way.

Aside from the spec work and deleting people's comments, a logo isn't going to do anything. Their blog is boring because it lacks interesting content. The boredom of their blog makes there be little user interaction, which means a weak community.

Same with Flickr, Moleskinerie, Notebookism,... so much potential and opportunity, but the good intentions are not consistently carried through.

Teri Pittman

I think that a lot of the buzz about Moleskines in general died when they started making them in China. I can tell the difference in paper quality. And, instead of a few, simple elegant notebooks, there's just so much stuff, it's depressing. I can buy them at Target now. There's just not a lot of difference between Moleskine now and cheaper imitators. And that's why the community dried up.

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