3 Texts That Lead To Hooking Up

Before hooking up, there is usually some dialogue construed prior which confirms your night of success if you can play your cards right. It doesn’t look matte who is sending the text first, if someone you slightly have a thing for or find attractive, chances are they are trying to get it in.

Even though they might be a little bland and vague, trust me when I say that sending these short texts could send the whole conversation into a frenzy of deciding who’s a place you’re meeting up at.

1. You Up?:

This usually is a late night text, but sometimes someone will send this even though it’s obvious you’re still up whether you just posted something on social media or it’s still early in the night. It’s a conversation starter but shows that they are hoping you are up and replying soon.

This starter gives the discussion a meaning and purpose of wanting to get something out of the other person whether its commitment to seeing each other or sneaking on over for a little quickie. If you’re sending or receiving this text, you best believe that this person wants to make sure you’re coherent and ready for what’s about to come in the following messages that will lead to pleasure for both of you.

2. Going Out Tonight?:

If there is a will, there is away, and this person is hoping that they can keep tabs on you out so that the night will end up with you guys meeting up. Knowing if you’re already going to be out, probably drinking, will do wonders for their night because their entire night will revolve around trying to see you whatever bars your hopping around

The second you say you’re not going out you best believe they will insist on coming over and having a “night in” instead or hitting you up the second they’re done with friends for the evening. By all means, this isn’t just a text out of curiosity; it’s the desire of wanting to see you in hopes that you will carve out time to see them too.

3. What Are You Doing Right Now?:

The ‘right now’ part is what makes this a different kind of text because it shows the urgency of them wanting to see you at that precise moment. Specifying that instant time and wanting to know your exact plans demonstrate the persistency of wanting you to stop whatever you’re doing so you can make new plans with them.

If you’re looking for a hookup but don’t want to come off too strong make sure you send one of these texts to give a subtle hint that you want to see that special someone and hook up. You don’t necessarily need to come off blunt but show your interest by trying to see what they’re up to, and if they’re smart or into you, they will get the hint and reciprocate.

Check out the video below for more info on the best texts to send before a hookup!