5 Most Popular Selfies Trending Social Media

If you’ve been scrolling through your various newsfeeds on mostly all social media platforms you will see this kind of selfies. It doesn’t matter what trends or things that are happening in current events or news, there is no doubt people will still post these selfies.

No shame in admitting you’re one of this selfie posting people but don’t be surprised if your followers get a little annoyed by the constant jealousy you’re making them feel.

1. Before and After:

Weight loss and getting fit is a huge trend nowadays promoting health and all of the other products that are tied to it. Whether people are always posting old selfies of them being bigger back in the days to their new and current transformation or showing off their new hot and sexy body by drinking ‘fit tea’ you best believe that people are taking selfies about it. Almost to the point of crossing the line of privacy by showing all of their scars from surgery or the excess skin from losing so much weight, which is admirable that they are so vulnerable but a little overboard, in my opinion, to post such personal things for everyone to see and judge behind their screens.

2. Engaged!:

All of the engagement photos with selfies of the perfectly manicured hand showing off the crazy expensive diamond ring flashing through social media never gets old. HA. Obviously, you’re happy for whoever has found life-long love, but the constant reminder of the flashy ring popping up in every selfie is a harsh reminder to all the single people that they do not have this sort of commitment ring on theirs.

The best is when they post the pictures with the new “just engaged” coffee mug with half of their face and their fingers slightly wrapped around the cup in a perfect lighting that the ring is literally glistening.

3. Baby Bump:

Ah, the constant progression from three weeks to seven weeks making you feel like you too is pregnant. Watching your friend or a random stranger embark on the incredible journey of growing life inside them is a selfie that you will not miss on your newsfeed because they will always make sure their fans are updated.

4. Gains:

In the gym or mirror selfies that show off all of your hard work by displaying the tightest clothing or half naked butt shots will never disappoint, especially the people who just ordered a large Domino’s pizza for themselves. People will always selfie to show you how great they’re looking and hard they’re working day in and out so you can compliment and gawk over their good looks.

5. #tbt Summer:

Especially when it’s winter, or there is one rainy day out of the year, it is the perfect excuse to post a hot naked bikini selfie or the paradise vacation that you went on months ago. The newsfeed is always blowing up from past summer times or traveling, vacation and fun that leaves everyone reminiscing on the better, warmer days that awaits.

Check out the video below for more on selfies!