5 Thoughts Women Have Before A HookUp

A casual hookup is everyone woman’s dream and nightmare. It’s always fun to make impulsive decisions and go home with the hunk you’ve been chatting up with all night, but it sometimes makes you question every choice you’ve done that entire day leading up to that moment.

Instead of our minds going to a happy place of sexual desire and pleasure, we start to freak out and imagine all the possible things that could go wrong or what is wrong with us. If you’re the least bit curious as to what goes through our head the second we agree to go home with you, well here you go.

1. Did I Shave?

Especially if we were dragged out of the house by our friends, there is a slight chance we don’t remember the last time we used a razor. This can be a little frightening for us, even more so if we don’t go back to our place where we can get a little shave in. For some reason, we feel like it is necessary to shave every hair on our body or go to the extreme of getting a Brazilian wax to make us feel even more sexy. The second we realize we are a hairy beast, it’s either fight or flight mode, depending on how hot the guy is.

2. Does My Breath Smell Bad?

Of course, it probably does if we’ve just been drinking all night with no food in our systems because we tend to skip dinner the nights we go out to get drunk faster. A mouth filled with hunger and alcohol breath is repulsing but knowing us we probably have some sort of gum, mint, spray in our Mary Poppin‘s bag to get us through the next couple hours. Even after we do that, we still are paranoid if we smell or taste bad when in reality it wasn’t that horrid, to begin with.

3. One More Shot?

Uh oh, the liquor is starting to wear off, and we are not debating if this is something we should actually go through with. Liquid courage is a thing, and sometimes we need just one more shot or drink before heading the finale. Sometimes we continue the drinking party once we get back to a place just to make sure we are still feeling sexy and good to continue the night.

4. Is He Clean?

Besides the point we are probably thinking about how many women he has slept with, our priority is to make sure he isn’t going around spreading diseases. Condoms do break and even though some men prefer using no condoms that don’t mean you shouldn’t use one, especially with strangers! We often wonder if he is a skeeze and sometimes if we get that vibe it’s hard for us to get past that fact and get into the moment.

5. I Hope He’s Big

Size doesn’t mean everything, but it’s definitely a bonus if they are packing heavy so we can actually feel the damn thing going in. Kissing does set the mood and get the help you identify if they have a high chance of being good in bed but the good kissers could still be disappointing in bed.

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